I was visiting a sheltered home and one resident spoke to me because it was over four years since her last eye examination,  she was worried about arranging an eye test as her last two pairs had cost her many hundreds of pounds and they were now damaged. I gave her a HC1 form to see if she would be able to receive full help towards her spectacles and eye examination. I explained to her our prices and she arranged an appointment at her own home, to fit within her other medical appointments.  After her sight test, which was free of charge, (paid for by the N.H.S.). I showed her our range of frames and she ordered two pairs. Both were very attractive metal frames and with the lenses, they cost her a total of £98.00, a fraction of what it had cost her previously!  We also delivered them very quickly.  She was pleased with her new spectacles as her vision was much improved. She was also happy that her eyes had been checked to ensure there was no eye disease present.