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Vanishing Letters To Diagnose AMD Sooner

A new test featuring black and white letters is able to catch the first signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) sooner than ever before.
The Moorfields acuity chart features letters created from fine black and white stripes. However, unlike the standard chart, these two-coloured, high-spatial frequency letters appear to vanish when they are too small to be recognised. This feature means the Moorfields chart is sensitive enough to diagnosis AMD early and monitor its progression far more precisely than standard letter charts.

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Small head shot of Barbara Watson for use with blogs and testimonials

Working With The Partially Sighted Society

Looking forward for working with the Partially Sighted Society on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

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Small head shot of Barbara Watson for use with blogs and testimonials

Optometry Tomorrow 2016 Conference

Looking forward to going to and helping at the Optometry Tomorrow 2016 Conference for further information click here

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World Glaucoma Week

It is World Glaucoma Week, and we are urging the over 40s to be aware of their increased risk of developing glaucoma – a debilitating eye condition which, if left untreated, can lead to permanent blindness.

Inside our eyes fluid is constantly produced and drained away, this causes an intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is when the optic nerve is damaged by the intraocular pressure.

Glaucoma usually has no symptoms until significant vision has been lost, and this vision cannot be restored, so early detection is vital to reduce the chance of further sight loss.

We urge everyone to have a regular eye examination to detect this condition but more so if there is a family history or if Afro-Caribbean or South Asian or East Asian descent, or if you have a high spectacle prescription.

Coloured Overlays and Spectacles for Reading

Research has shown that the use of coloured overlays laid over the text, or coloured lenses in spectacles can help children and adults to read better. The coloured overlays or tinted lenses help reduce visual stress. The tints and overlays enables quicker reading with less discomfort and fewer headaches. This problem is not limited to dyslexics and can sometimes help with migraine sufferers. The colour needed is usually very precise and individual to each person.

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Commenting on Pilot Laser Risk

A plane bound for New York had to return to London after the pilot had his vision affected by a laser. Laser can burn the retina at the back of the eye. This can cause scarring and permanent loss of vision. The effects may be instant, the main symptom being reduced vision.

Leafy Greens Can Reduce The Risk Of Glaucoma

Green vegetables could reduce the risk of open-angle glaucoma by up to 30 per cent, research claims for further information click here