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Loss of vision can have a great impact on a person’s quality of life.

The person may not be able to see faces, meals or where items are around them, they may have trouble getting about.

Better lighting will make a difference, sitting near a window or using a reading lamp may help but avoid having the light shine at the eyes as this can cause glare and so make matters worse

You may find the following tips useful in helping reduce the sense of isolation.

Make sure they are wearing the correct glasses, that they are clean and well fitting. Different coloured frames can help, labelling them may also help. If you require further help please click here

A least a yearly eye examination is advisable to make the most of the vision that the person has. Take advantage of mobile eye tests. Please click here

Low Vision Aids, make sure these are up to date as using the wrong Low Vision Aid can be as bad as not having one at all! If you require further advice please click here 

Putting rails around the walls and improving the contrast  by decorating differently can help people get about. Painting edges of walls or doors in strong contrasting colours can help in orientation and location

Remove anything that can be tripped or fallen over, help the person get used to new surroundings by walking around with them so they feel less vulnerable and are more likely to have the confidence to  walk about on their own

Keep items in the same placeand let the person know verbally if the items have been moved so they can be located better, involve the person by asking them where they want things to be

Keep clothes organized,keep clothes sorted in jumpers, skirts, trousers and in different colours so they can be found easier

Using contrasting plates when serving meals can help when eating meals

Introduce people when they come into the room, so the person knows who they are with.

Tell them what you are doing

Make sure they are not missing out on any information, offer large print documents.

They may need help in reading or writing letters

Tactile signs, help the person get used to using tactile signs or audio noticeboards where supplied.

 Keep hearing aids in good working order if required, poor hearing will increase the sense of isolation further.