Diploma Ceremony 2022 College of Optometrists


Great double ceremony today to award MCOptom to new College members, Fellowships to those who have contributed to the profession and Research Excellence Awards to those who are involved in research.

Taking Care Of Eyes This Halloween

The College of Optometrists advises the  public to protect their eyes this Halloween

According to their research, 63% of those who plan to dress up as part of Halloween celebrations consider wearing cosmetic contact lenses. But only 27% of people would buy novelty lenses from their optometrist. This is despite it being illegal to sell contact lenses with no prescription in the UK without the supervision of a registered optometrist, dispensing optician or doctor.​​​​​​​

Glaucoma Awareness Week 2022

Glaucoma Awareness Week takes place from 27 June – 3 July 2022. This year’s campaign is called ‘Put your sight in the spotlight’ and calls for people to book an eye test. 

Booster vaccination against Coronavirus and Flu jab

We have had our Third/ Booster vaccination against Coronavirus on 7th October 2021 and the Flu vaccination on 7th October 2021 too!

We carry out regular lateral flow tests to ensure we are as safe as possible to see people.

We still maintain the strictest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and infection control measures

Going fully electric

We now have a fully electric car with a range capable of covering our total domiciliary and corporate area.

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Back To University?


2nd vaccination

We were thrilled to receive the 2nd vaccination on 7th April 2021

1st Vaccination

We were thrilled to  receive the 1st vaccination on 20th January 2021

Lateral flow testing

Our staff are now being tested for Coronavirus by carrying out lateral flow tests twice a week.

PPE and IPC in place

We are ready to go! We will be able to restart our NHS eye tests and domiciliary visits from next week. We have Personal Protective Equipment and Infection Prevention and Control Procedures in place and are raring to go and looking forward to seeing you!