Special Circumstances

OP was an autistic child who hated new surroundings and his mother felt he would struggle having an eye test at an Optician’s practice and would not co – operate.

An eye test in his own home was possible under the NHS and an appointment was arranged. Barbara visited OP at home and carried out a full eye examination.

OP was more co-operative as he was in familiar surroundings. It was found that he needed spectacles, Barbara brought a selection of frames of all sizes and designs and OP chose a pair.

These were covered by the N.H.S. voucher so there was no charge to the patient. When the spectacles were ready, Barbara made a return visit to fit the new pair to ensure comfortable wear.

OP and his mother felt better about seeing the same person again as this was less stressful for OP who was also more co-operative at school as his vision improved with his new spectacles as he could see his work more comfortably.