Coloured Overlays and Spectacles for Reading

Research has shown that the use of coloured overlays laid over the text, or coloured lenses in spectacles can help children and adults to read better. The coloured overlays help reduce perceptual disturbances which can be reported (visual stress). The overlays enables quicker reading with less discomfort and fewer headaches.

This may affect 5% of the population and may cause the following problems

  1. Headache or eyestrain
  2. Glare from page
  3. Movement or blurring of print
  4. Letter appearing dazzling or distorted
  5. Tiring easily with reading

This visual problem may cause a restless reader with a short concentration span and/or a reluctance to read. The person may skip words or lines of text, rub their eyes regularly and may find following the words with their finger can help. This problem is not limited to dyslexics and can sometimes help with migraine sufferers.

People with dyslexia can suffer with visual stress and can therefore be helped with colour overlays or tinted lenses. The colour needed is usually very precise and individual to each person.

We carry the software to examine for the possibility of requiring coloured overlays or spectacles.

A full eye examination is carried out to check that the eyes are working properly and are healthy.  The person’s reading ability is assessed, wearing their spectacles if required, we then see if there is any improvement using different coloured overlays and we then check the reading with the assessed coloured overlay in place. If there is an improvement then the coloured overlay  or coloured spectacle lenses are prescribed