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Your Home Eye Examination Explained

If you have difficulty getting out , for whatever reason, you still need eye care.

We are able to offer eye care at your home, or at a family member’s home, at a nursing home or in a day centre.

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We will arrange a convenient time to visit and check eligibility as most will be eligible for the eye examination free within the NHS.

We will call you before the visit to check that it is still convenient.

We will visit your home at the pre-arranged time and then carry out a full eye examination using special mobile equipment designed for this use. Barbara Watson will carry out the eye examination and also deliver and fit the spectacles as well. You will know the person who will be visiting you throughout your care.

We bring all the equipment, a full and varied range of frames and we carry out a full eye examination, including intraocular pressure checks. This includes taking all the necessary measurements to make sure your spectacles give you the most comfortable and the best possible vision.

Then we will help you choose your new frames if you require them, prices for frames complete with single vision lenses ranging from £30.00, many of which are free if you are eligible to help from the NHS.

The only thing you need to do to access this service is to contact us.