How to Choose Your Frames and Lenses

Contemporary spectacles displayed in an opticians window

We can supply the following items to make your spectacle wear more convenient and comfortable

Spectacle cord, chains and sports bands

Spectacle cleaners and cloths

We can also carry out minor repairs on spectacles

In addition we can also supply frames with super flexible properties and 180 flexible sides and thicker frames to hide higher prescriptions

We can supply curl sides if required

Hair Colour

If you have black hair– try subdued, simple colours or metal frames, Avoid very dark or bright colours and heavy styles unless you want to make a bold impression.

If you have brown hair, try bronze, gold, metal frames or brown and warm coloured plastic frames.

With light brown hair avoid cold blues, greens and silvers or light coloured metals.

With darker brown hair avoid very dark or pastel colours and heavy styles unless you want them to have a bold influence

If you have auburn hair then you are best trying brown, green, copper, bronze, tortoiseshell or gold frames, avoid cold blues, greens and silvers unless you want a strong effect.

With blonde hair try more subdued colours with warm undertones avoid cold blues, greens and silvers or light coloured metals.

Avoid bright neon colours or white with a fair skin, try warmer colours with paler skin tones

Avoid pink or red frames if you are prone to blushing.

Face Shape

The size of the frame should be according to your face size, so small faces get small frames. The width of the frame should be no larger than the width of the temples of the face on which it will be worn

Smaller frames are also better for stronger prescriptions.

The fit of the bridge is very important as this will determine the comfort of the spectacles.

The lower edge of the frame should not rest on the cheeks and smiling should not cause this part of the frame to rub or irritate the cheeks either.

Oval faces can usually suit any frame shapes.

Rectangular faces are best wearing wide frames with a strong bow line, avoiding square frames and one solid colour.