Corporate Price List

Eye examinations – price depends on how many are tested on one occasion. Please call 01132 530 904 or 07743 730 129 for more details.

Young corporate lady having an eye test with blue light in her eyes

VDU Spectacles

Frames and single vision lenses from £66.80 pair

Anti reflection coating from £30.00 per pair

Thinner lenses from £40 per pair

Tinting from £10 per pair

UV filter from £10 per pair

Photochromic from £65 per pair

Bifocals from £55 per pair

Varifocals from £69 per pair

Prescription safety spectacles Prices include dispensing fees, frame, lenses, case and VAT
Bolle frames other frames available on requestCR39
Single VisionFrom £90 + VATFrom £90 + VAT
Bifocal (D28)From £130 + VATFrom £130+ VAT
VarifocalFrom £204.17 + VATFrom £204.17 + VAT
Polycarbonate comes with hard coating as standard

Safety Prescription Service

Extras for Safety Prescription Spectacles per pair excluding VAT

High Power £15 + VAT per lens

Prism £20 +VAT per lens

Tints £20 + VAT per pair

UV filter (CR39) £18 + VAT

Hard Coating (CR39) £10.00

Anti-reflective and Hard Coating £36 + VAT to  £42 +VAT

All prices correct at time of publishing.