Barbara Watson conducting a home eye examination

The Eye Test

All we need is a private room, which can be darkened to carry out the eye examination. Ideally there should be 3 metres of space in front of the person’s chair and enough space on either side so that Barbara Watson can get to both sides of the person having the eye examination. Access to a plug socket could be needed. Any minor movement of furniture, which may be required within the room to facilitate the sight test, will be rectified prior to leaving.

An examination typically lasts approx 30 minutes; Barbara Watson carries out all the necessary tests with care, and then advises on any problems and treatment.

  1. History and Symptoms – A series of questions will be asked, helping us build up a picture of you and your lifestyle, discuss any eye problems you may have and determine your requirements.
  2. Current Eyewear – We will check any spectacles that you currently wear along with your last prescription and then ask how well you can see in different conditions.
  3. Visual Fields Test – Your fields of vision can be assessed
  4. Refraction  – Various tests are carried out to examine your eye health as well as to determine if a prescription is required. If it is, we will recommend the most suitable lenses to give you the clearest vision.
  5. Intra-ocular Pressure Test – Pressures within the eye are measured. This is done with the Icare tonometer which is very gentle and does not blow air into the eye.
  6. Ophthalmoscopy and/or Biomicroscropy  – The health of your eyes is examined in detail, enabling Barbara Watson to detect problems like cataracts, high blood pressure, diabetes, and glaucoma before you have noticed them yourself.
  7. Special Requirements Special visual assessments can be carried out if required for certain occupations. Other tests can be carried out such as colour vision and stereopsis when required.
  8. Visual Assessment – After the test, Barbara Watson will give you an evaluation of her results and discuss any requirements. You will be given a copy of your prescription.
  9. Dispensing – If vision correction is required, you will be given advice on the different types of lenses and frames available and what is recommended for your prescription, your lifestyle and your budget.

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