What Happens Next

Once we have completed your eye examination there may be a number of options

A stand displaying spectacles reflected in a mirror
  1. Your eye sight may not have changed and therefore we will not recommend any further action other than a further eye test in 12/24 months time (this time period may vary depending on age and health etc).
  2. Recommend a new lens prescription and/or frames. We will advise you on your frames and arrange their production. Once completed Barbara will fit and adjust your frames in person for your greatest comfort. All our spectacles come complete with case and lens cloth.
  3. If a medical condition is identified we will advise on that condition and how to access the correct treatment and any potential implications of condition.
  4. Advise on the possible eligibility of NHS funding or subsidy.

Whatever the outcome of your eye examination Barbara is dedicated to bringing you the best in eye care and is committed to supporting you in maintaining great eye health.