What to Expect – Corporate

a sight test being carried out on a lady at her place of work

‘Our service simplifies and improves the process of arranging sight tests and spectacle dispensing for company employees….’

We will arrange to come to your business site, carry out an eye examination and order the spectacles afterwards if required on the day. Eyecare Anywhere has a range of frames with us so any spectacle dispensing can be carried out straight after the sight test.

We will order spectacles and arrange to deliver and fit them to the member of staff.

Eyecare Anywhere has accounts with two leading Prescription Safety Spectacle manufacturers, so we have plenty of options.


    • Company organizes account with safety spectacle company
    • Bought a range of frames from safety spectacle company
    • Company would have given a form to employees and chosen a frame for them
    • The form is taken into the local optometrist who tests the employees’ eyes, charges the employee for the sight test, who then has to claim it back
    • Then the optometrist orders in the frame so that the necessary measurements can be taken
    • Optometrist notifies the employee that the frame is in stock
    • The employee then needs to go back to the optometrist to have the measurements taken
    • Then had to back to the Optician again when they were ready to collect.  This maybe as long as eight weeks later.

Now with Eyecare Anywhere

    • Company contacts us to arrange sight tests for staff members, a date is organized
    • We will turn up on the day, sight test those booked in and show frames and organize orders
    • We will return when spectacles are ready to supply and fit at the companies’ convenience

We will be willing to undergo any health and safety training necessary to enter your premises, discuss all issues with health and safety staff and if necessary  look at work environments to give advice about improving eye health and comfort.

Please note with any safety spectacles, all repairs must be carried out by a registered laboratory

Contact us today and we will discuss your companies’ requirements