Compliments and Complaints Procedure


We endeavour to make your visit as comfortable as possible. If you are happy with our service we would very much love to hear from you. You can contact us in a number of ways

  1. In writing to Barbara Watson Eyecare Anywhere 105 Haigh Moor Road, Wakefield, WF3 1EG
  2. By email using our contact form and selecting the compliment option in the subject dropdown box.
  3. By phone to Barbara on 07743730129


However, if you are unhappy with the service you have received you can complain using the methods outlined above.

Your correspondence will be acknowledged within 3 days and you will receive a response within 10 days or as soon as possible thereafter.

If you are not happy with how your complaint has been dealt with then you can contact your local NHS England if it concerns your NHS sight test or the Optical Complaints Consumer Service (OCCS), if it concerns your private sight test or spectacles.

If you require NHS England then the address is

NHS England PO Box 16738h, Redditch, B97 9PT

0300 311 22 33

If you require OCCS then the address is

Optical Complaints Consumer Service, 6 Market Square, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 3UZ

0344 800 5071

Complaints Policy

The Company will endeavour to deliver a service whereby the likelihood of complaints being made is very low. However, if complaints do occur, the Company is well placed to address these and implement lessons learned in order to improve the quality of our service provision, in the interests of patients.
This review/analysis mechanism allows the Company to identify areas for improvement. Central to the Company’s complaints policy is an emphasis on transparency for all parties.
The Company adheres to the Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009 and NHS Complaints Policy 2017 and all local requirements on complaints management.
For the purpose of this policy, a complaint is not a complaint, if it is made orally and is resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction within 24 hours. A complaint may not refer to a failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. Nor may a complaint relate to a subject which has already been dealt with as a complaint and been resolved.
A complaint may be made orally, in writing or electronically. If it is made orally, a written record will be made of the complaint if 24 hours have elapsed since the complaint was made and if the complaint has not been resolved. A copy of the written record will be provided to the complainant.
The Company will make information available to the general public about their arrangements for dealing with complaints about NHS services.
Our named complaints manager with overall responsibility for complaints management is Barbara Watson.
The complaints manager will ensure:
• Complaints are dealt with efficiently and are properly investigated.
• Complainants are treated courteously, fairly, expeditiously, appropriately and are informed of the outcome of the investigation of their complaint.
• Action is taken in the light of the outcome of the investigation if any is necessary.
Complaints are reported to the commissioner as required by the contract.
A service improvement plan is produced and implemented where appropriate, in accordance with the Company’s Quality and Continuous Improvement Policy.
The Company’s Procedure for Managing Complaints
1. All complaints will be acknowledged by the complaints manager within 3 working days.

2. When acknowledging receipt of a complaint, the complaints manager will offer to discuss with the complainant how and when he/she intends to investigate and resolve the complaint. If the complainant refuses this offer, the complaints manager will advise the complainant in writing how long it is likely to take him to respond concerning the substance of the complaint (the ‘response period’).

3. The complaints manager will endeavour to keep the complainant informed of the progress. As soon as possible after completing the investigation, the complaints manager will advise the complainant in writing how he has considered the complaint and what he proposes to do to resolve the complaint and any consequent action. This will be done within 10 working days where possible. He will also inform the complainant of their right to pursue the complaint with the Health Service Commissioner (the ‘health ombudsman’).

4. The Company will endeavour to resolve the complaint within six months after receiving the complaint or, if it cannot be resolved, the complaints manager will tell the complainant why they have not managed to do so.

5. The Company will make information available to the general public about their arrangements for dealing with complaints about NHS services.
6. The Company will keep a record of each complaint received, the subject matter and outcome of each complaint, each response period where applicable, and, in the cases of a response period being applicable, whether the complainant was informed of the outcome of the investigation.